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Useful links:

  • The Spreadsheet Page: This page is maintained by my favorite spreadsheet guy - John Walkenbach. I have learned quite a bit from his power programming book.

  • Mr. Excel: Great message board

  • Ozgrid: These people sell bunch of useful excel add-ins

  • Excel Help Portal: I haven't used it...but it sounds cool

  • ZoneO Software repository: Some pretty useful stuff for web sites. I use their freeForum and phpTrafficA

  • PHPJunkYard: Some pretty cool stuff for web sites.

  • Excel plotting techniques: This page explains how VTools creates box plot, normal probability plot and S curve. Useful if you want to create these graphs without using VTools.

  • PerfumesYouLove.com: Smell good even when Excel makes you sweat. Perfumes-You-Love has authentic brand-name perfumes at low prices and its owned by me!
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Aug 1, 2017

VTools version 4.20 is released. Download your copy from the download page.

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