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Thread "StatBox Error" Started by Michael on: 04/21/2008 5:22pm
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StatBox Error
Posted by: Michael  on: 04/21/2008 5:22pm
What causes, and how can I fix it, the error when plotting a box & whisker chart,

"Unable to get the Paste property of the Pictures class StatBox: Add_Box"
Re: StatBox Error
Posted by: Vandan  on: 04/22/2008 3:34pm

I am not sure what causes it or how to fix it.

You can:
1. Try restarting excel to see if that helps or
2. email me your file so I can try to recreate the error or
3. Wait ~month for a new version to come out. New version handles StatBox differently and hence you may not get the same error.

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