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Why pay for a free software?

Purchasing a copy of VTools allows you to register your product.

Registration will:

  • reduce 'VTools' splash display time from 5 sec to 1 sec (version 3.3+)
  • allow you to use custom graph color (version 4.0+)
  • support further development of VTools

Remember, updates & upgrades are always free.


  1. Free: try it for free as long as you want
  2. $5: for personal use
  3. $20: for business use. Get your boss to pay for it!

Your serial number will be emailed to you within 24 hours of payment.

VTools News

Aug 1, 2017

VTools version 4.20 is released. Download your copy from the download page.

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Last updated: Oct 15, 2012