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VTools is an Excel Add-in that can help you do your day-to-day engineering/scientific analysis quickly and easily.


Flexible Data Input:

  • Select (category and) value columns from list, select chart types, and click OK. That's it!

Powerful Graphs:

  • Box & Whisker plot (Boxplot)
  • Normal probability plot
  • Cumulative percent plot (S Curve)

Useful Statistics:

  • Various percentiles, averages, standard deviations, etc
  • t-test and F-test
  • Mann-Whitney and Levene’s Test(VTools 4.0+)
  • Anova and Kruskal-Wallis' Test

Sample Graphs:

Box Plot Normal Probability Plot Cumulative Percent Plot (S-Curve)
Box & whisker Plot Normanl Probability Plot Cumulative Percent Plot S Curve
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Aug 1, 2017

VTools version 4.20 is released. Download your copy from the download page.

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